We’re rolling up the papers for good.

Condoit Collect

The world’s FIRST data collection app for electrical systems
Single line diagrams  |  Infrared reporting  |  Full system inventory
Electrical system data collection has traditionally been on pen and paper,
leaving room for errors, and creating costly hours of manual data entry back at the office.
So we made COLLECT
Where you can create living single line diagrams that store a complete record of your entire system
As you log equipment,
COLLECT walks the user through a
comprehensive list of vital information:
location, age, manufacturing, inventory,
material and power specs.
Mapping out raceway connections ,
wire information, and breaker boxes.
COLLECT keeps you safe with real time
code violations and safety hazard alerts.
COLLECT keeps you safe with real time
code violations and safety hazard alerts.
And every system is safely stored on the cloud,
able to share between users on any device.
To top it all off,
COLLECT auto generates system reports with note and photo input, and easy exporting options.
And we’re just getting started,
Condoit is creating a whole new way to manage
electrical systems, developing a full service platform
for contractors, engineers, and facilities.
This is what’s coming next:

Desktop Interface
2022 Q1

Desktop Interface

Have full access to your recorded systems from our desktop platform, with extending analysis tools, project management, and API.

Infrared Camera Integration
2022 Q2

Equipment monitors

Team Condoit is working with infrared camera manufacturers to incorporate your camera into the Condoit platform. No more typing infrared reports.

Arc flash analysis
2022 Q3

Arc flash analysis

Built-in equipment coordination, short circuit analysis, and arc flash calculations, install arc flash labels without ever leaving the site.

Panel Scheduling
2022 Q4

Panel Scheduling

Export printable panel schedules, system equipment labeling, and warning labels straight from the app!
Doesn’t the future look bright?
Condoit COLLECT public release is coming available Q1 of 2022,
followed by monthly updates and feature installments.
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