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Electrical system record keeping, reliability, safety, and efficiency are of upmost importance. Do it all in one place.

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Con.doit works with you, walking a technician or team of technicians through the collection of all of the relevant details of an electrical system, from beginning to end. With just an iPad or Android tablet and a bluetooth-connected infrared camera.
  • Single-line and equipment views allow for simple information entry.
  • Simple color-code lets you see what is complete and what still needs to be entered.
  • Ongoing validation makes sure all of the information you gathered is correct the first time.
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DATA ANALYSIS and system Monitoring

We're taking electrical systems data to the cloud and beyond.

System Monitoring - IoT

We will monitor your real-world system for changes in temperature, the presence of moisture, and the consistent flow of electricity. If any of these things change dramatically, we’ll notify the people who need to know before a small issue becomes a big problem.

Efficiency and Tenant Metering

A facility electrical system can always be more efficient. Let us work with you to monitor specific branches of your electrical system to see where you may be able to save on power bills, or let us help you with the cumbersome process of tenant metering with month-over-month consumption reports to a dashboard or to your inbox.

Panel Schedule Printing and up-to-date records

We all know how frustrating it is to find an out-of-date panel schedule or even worse no schedule at all. Print accurate panel schedules for all system equipment and keep records safe and available in the cloud. Con.doit also has infrared imaging and photo record collection built-in to our software.

Export Data to Your Favorite Analysis Software

Have analysis software you prefer?
Continually access or add on to the information you’ve previously gathered and export via .xml and software plugins.

How can we help you

Collect and analyze field information with one simple tool, and export to your favorite analysis software. Con.doit eliminates the time and human error involved in short circuit and arc flash analysis, leaving your free to focus on the bigger picture.
Trying to decipher the intentions of an electrical engineer at the end of a project can be difficult. Don’t ignore the crucial task of system evaluation! Become a Preferred Con.doit contractor, and cut down time spent collecting as well as re-visits and errors.
Feel like you have some ownership over the integrity of your electrical system. With Con.doit, you can now track changes to your building’s system, keep your records totally updated, and predict system failures before they occur.
You’re in charge of someone else’s system. Make sure you know what you’re responsible for and what condition it’s in. Keep it up-to-date with the latest arc flash information to keep your team safe and share information about the system with subcontractors, engineers, and inspectors with the touch of a button.
Insurance companies suffer from the problem of asymmetric information. The solution to this is frequent testing. Con.doit brings all the metrics required by insurance companies together, and keeps them up-to-date.


Ian Hoppe

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Crapia

Chief Technology Officer

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