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Condoit For Electricians, By Electricians

Paper and pencil data collection. Hundreds of pictures of panels on your phone. Manual report building. 

These are time-consuming and error-prone processes that electricians have dealt with for years. We know because we’ve been there.

Condoit was founded by Ian Hoppe. Ian is an electrician. He started apprenticing as a teen and spent thousands of hours building single-line diagrams with paper and pencil. He got sick of the desk work and figured there must be a better way, searching high and low for digital tools to make it easier for electrical contractors to do their job in the field. Coming up with nothing, Ian decided to make a solution himself.

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No More Desk Work

We know you'd rather spend more time in the field practicing the trade than stuck behind some desk pushing a pencil, so we developed tools that equip electrical contractors to do their jobs in the field efficiently. No desk work required.
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Get New Clients

When facility managers find a halfway decent electrical contractor, they tend to stick with them. One of the biggest challenges we face is finding clients who are open to the risk involved in starting a relationship with a new electrical contractor. 

We have a way to get your foot in the door. 

Facilities are required to keep up-to-date single-line diagrams on-site, but many can't find their report. If they can find it, it doesn't reflect recent changes in the system. That is a problem you can solve.

Digital Single-Lines

With Condoit Digital Single-Lines, you can efficiently create single-lines diagrams and share cloud-based reports with your client. And these reports can be updated with the touch of a button every time there is a change in the system. The process is so efficient you can offer your client a good deal and still preserve an outstanding profit margin. And once you have their single-line, you have their business. 
Condoit is the new digital toolbox for electrical contractors. Schedule a demo today and to see why this app will be your new best friend.
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Green Energy Installation

Built-in simulations and load calculations for EV charger installations and solar arrays.
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Infrared Reporting

Automatically import infrared photos and build inspection reports.

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Arc Flash Analysis

Digitally document and log information for instant arc flash analysis.

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Keep Your Trucks Moving

Getting new clients is great, but the most important revenue streams come from serving clients we already have. [condoit] has a reporting feature that will keep your trucks moving.  

When you create a digital single-line diagram with [condoit], we can automatically generate a report documenting code violations and maintenance issues. You can also take pictures of system equipment in the app for later viewing. They’re automatically associated with the right equipment. Just like they ought to be. 

When you complete the single-line diagram, sit down with the facility manager to prioritize the projects. They will appreciate the opportunity to develop a strategic plan before there is a crisis. You will appreciate the dramatic increase in per-client revenue.

Serving The Trade

Everyone in the electrical trade owes a debt of gratitude to somebody. Ian is grateful to his Dad and his journeyman, Steve, for showing him the ropes. From apprentice to journeyman to management to fulfilling the dream of owning your own business, electricians help each other. The folks that have climbed a few rungs reach back to lend a hand to those starting out. That's why we love the trade. We are grateful to everyone who has given us a hand all along the way. 

And that is why our mission in life is to serve electrical contractors. You helped us. Now we have committed ourselves to develop tools that help you. 

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