System Onboarding

The Con.doit platform system onboarding process is performed by a Con.doit certified electrical contractor, using the Con.doit Collect (patent pending) tablet application to gather and assemble all of the electrical system details.

Blue inspection Icon

Critical path to safety list creation

If your electrical system is more than 10 years old, it needs a full check up. The Con.doit platform generates a full list of all electrical system issues, prioritizing the most critical first.

Blue Infrared imaging Icon

Infrared imaging of system hardware and connections

Infrared imaging identifies hotspots in critical electrical equipment, an indicator of potential safety concerns.

Blue equipment monitor icon

System monitor installation

Alert maintenance staff before problems become catastrophes with ongoing monitoring and notifications.

Automated panel icon

Automated panel schedule creation

Our onboarding process ends with complete and correct printable panel schedules, system equipment labeling, and single line diagram creation.

The ESR dashboard as shown on a macbook air.


The Electrical System Record is the brain at the center of the Con.doit platform. It is a rich, proprietary database of electrical equipment, including its composition and current status, that allows for easy export to other platforms, easy editability to accommodate system changes, and easy sharing with contractors and engineers. All of this has an eye toward the future, with built-in efficiency modeling and system analysis.

A view of our system dashboard

System Dashboard

This dashboard is the ESR come-to-life. Accessible from anywhere at any time, the Con.doit system dashboard provides a complete overview of all system components, their status, workflow actions, communications with engineering and installation contractors, punch list items, infrared images, and every other thing you may need to know about the electrical system. At home on a tablet, on a phone, on a desktop machine, or a screen on the wall of a maintenance office, the system dashboard is the user-facing portion of the Con.doit platform.

An example of our system monitors used to measure vital statistics

System Monitors

Our system equipment monitors measure vital statistics like internal and external temperature, the presence of moisture in system equipment, and energy consumption at the circuit level. This live data, along with the rest of the ESR, allows for a more complete picture of an electrical system than the world has ever seen before.

The OSHA compliancy screen in our application

System Analysis

System analysis is defined by NFPA 70E and enforced by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and requires that commercial and industrial electrical systems have a complete and current arc flash analysis.

Because of the cumbersome and expensive nature of this analysis, most facilities put off this regulation as long as they can, exposing their contractors and staff to danger and their electrical system to potential failure.

The Con.doit platform allows engineering partners to export the ESR to other industry-standard electrical system analysis platforms with the click of a button. No more rebuilding the same system again, just use the import/export module of your favorite software.

Con.doit has built-in equipment coordination, short circuit analysis, and arc flash calculations that enable you to collect, analyze, and install arc flash labels without ever leaving the site. This makes it easy to stay up to date with arc flash analysis requirements.

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