October 21, 2020

It’s hard not to get stars in your eyes after the thrill of that first sale. The validation! The nodding! The excitement! The letter of intent promising that sweet, sweet revenue. The past couple of weeks have felt incredibly validating that we’ve had not only one, but three sales in our targeted customer segments. It feels nice to be inching our way towards that perfect product-market fit. No one’s getting a big head around here, though, because we know we have much more to do. Techstars in particular is helping us keep our eyes on the prize with the #givefirst ethos. 

After the sale, the real work has begun. Now, we are working on following up with the product and service as promised. Actually, not as promised, but better than promised. Give first, give back. Our driving force at Con.doit is giving back time to engineers, giving back money and peace of mind to facilities, and giving back safety to the electrical contractors in the field. 

For electrical engineers, their license is on the line when validating and verifying electrical system data. The laborious process of checking and double checking your information collection from the field to the computer is crucial to eliminate error. Con.doit helps cut this collection time by 30% and the input into analysis software by 70%, bringing effective and efficient analysis much closer than before. 

For facilities that don’t think about the nuts and bolts of how their system is catalogued, we are giving them peace of mind. We think of it like preventative health care. It’s much cheaper to brush your teeth everyday than to pay for emergency dental surgery for an infected tooth. Facilities can know their systems are being monitored and maintained continuously, rather than paying for expensive repairs when the system breaks down.

For the electrical contractors in the field, putting their lives on the line, we are giving safety and security. No one should have to worry about taking their life in their hands when taking off a panel cover or racking a breaker. Electrical burns, arc flashes, and worry about bodily security while at your job should be a thing of the past. We’re working hard every day to move things forward to a future where companies #givefirst and workers are safe.

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