[condoit] Digital Single-Lines

Create Single-Line Diagrams In The Field

[condoit] is the first digital tool designed for electrical contractors creating single-line diagrams in the field. Create single-line diagrams in a fraction of the time and open the door to new business opportunities. 

EV charging stations installation and integration with single-line diagrams is now available in [condoit]. Check our Green Energy Installation features to learn more about our green energy digital toolkit.

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Single-Line Diagram Software

[condoit] enables you to create digital single-line diagrams.
  • Digitized electrical system data collection and system analysis
  • Updateable at the touch of a button when changes occur
  • Eliminate errors - create a true, validated, accessible model
  • Take pictures and tag them by location (no more photo roll blunders!)
  • Supports EV charging stations
  • Offer single-line as a service
  • Reports document code and safety violations with supporting images
  • Client-accessible one-line diagrams for compliance

Ditch Paper For Good

The old way of making single-line diagrams sucked. That's why we have apprentices, right? But we need accurate single-line diagrams to do our job right. When we get called into a commercial building for an emergency repair, there is nothing worse than realizing the facility doesn't have an up-to-date single-line diagram, and the last jack-leg to work on the panel must have been deranged. You'll have to spend half a day just figuring out which end is up before you can even start the repair. 

But not all single-line diagrams are created equal. Errors are common with a pencil and paper process. Even if the electrician gets it right, things get lost in translation with the draftsman. 

We know that a draftsman can screw things up from time to time, but let's admit it. Some electrician's handwriting looks like they’re composing a hostage note. You know who we’re talking about. 

It's time to ditch paper for good.
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Changing The World - For Electrical Contractors

We developed [condoit] because we love the trade, and we love electrical contractors.  We aren't trying to change the whole world. 

Just yours. Here's how.

Reduce errors with digital electrical system records.

Paper processes are vulnerable to costly errors and require repeated iterations of the same things. This is a waste of valuable time and money and, at worst, a threat to life and property.

Widespread record availability.

All facilities need electrical system documentation. Our platform is available and approachable to everyone.

Blue-collar tech.

From day 1, we committed to building this product for the folks in the field. Our platform will always be practical, intuitive, and valuable.

More data to create fewer problems. 

We believe in the power and usefulness of data. We aim to leverage carefully collected information to draw conclusions and solve problems with electrical systems that were previously impossible or difficult.

Efficiency at the forefront.

Efficiency in thought and action is the low-hanging fruit in any enterprise or project. Our platform seeks to make electrical circuit mastery more streamlined and productive at its core.

It's all about you.

We are here to solve problems. Our software roadmap is driven by the requests we get from electrical contractors.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Jobs

This is why some of us carry 2 phones. One minute you're taking a picture to document a dangerous code violation.  The next, you're scrolling through your photo roll with a facility manager when a *compromising* picture flashes across the screen. 

We aren't here to judge. You do you! But it's time for electrical contractors to ditch the photo roll. 

With [condoit] Digital Single-Lines, take images in the app and tag them by location. You'll never have to hunt for a picture again. And that's not even the best news. 

When you finish a digital one-line, you'll get a complete report of all code and safety issues with supporting images.  Now, all you have to do is sit down with the facility manager to prioritize the jobs. That's why we are confident in saying that [condoit] Digital Single-Lines can keep your trucks moving. 
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Easy Access For Clients

(Coming Soon)
No matter how good your one-line diagrams are, we know that some clients end up stuffing them in a drawer and forgetting where they are. Even a good facility manager is going to retire someday. 

But more and more facility managers are under pressure from safety audits and OSHA standards, and accurate, accessible single-line diagrams are a critical piece of compliance. 

So we are proud to introduce [condoit] Access, the first cloud-based single-line diagram solution. You will be the first electrical contractor to upgrade their single-line diagrams to a more accurate and updateable digital format. You'll be the first to tell facility managers, "I can guarantee that you'll be able to find your single-line when you need it." You will get their business for life.

Single-Line As A Service

The electrical business is a relationship business.. You want to be that first call. You love your job, but it’s okay to admit that creating and keeping up with these one-line electrical drawings are a pain.

We know how it is, so we fixed it. 

We created a one-line electrical diagramming software where you can create living single-line diagrams and store a complete record of your entire system in the cloud.
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[condoit], Serving Electrical Contractors

[condoit] is the first app developed by electrical contractors, for electrical contractors. See how our app provides digital tools that equip the trade for the future.
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