Advancing the digital transformation of electrical systems. 

Con.doit is developing a platform to push the electrical industry into the digital age: Where reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are paramount, and a living, breathing representation of your electrical system is at your fingertips.


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Electrical system records should be digital.

Paper processes are vulnerable to costly errors and require repeated iterations of the same things. We think this is at least a waste of valuable time and money and at worst a threat to life and property.

Digital electrical system records should be available to everyone.

The need for digital records is significant and widespread. We commit to making our platform available and approachable for everyone.

Technology with a blue collar.

In the very first weeks of the company, we made a commitment to build this product with the folks in the field in the forefront of our mind. We pledge to maintain a closed loop of feedback on our products. The entirety of our platform should be practical, intuitive, and utilitarian.

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More information is better than less.

We believe in the power and usefulness of data. We aim to leverage carefully collected information to draw conclusions and solve problems with electrical systems that were previously impossible or evasive.

Time is money. Money represents resources

Efficiency in thought and action is the low-hanging fruit in any enterprise or project. At its very core, our platform seeks to make the mastery of electrical circuits more streamlined and productive.

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Be the key.

We are here to solve problems, not raise questions. In all circumstances we should be working towards a resolution and an end-point at which we can reassess and plan for the future.


Ian Hoppe

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Crapia

Chief Technology Officer


We’re building technology to overhaul the electrical industry and we’re doing it fast.

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